Saturday, 19 May 2018

Witches Retreat!

Ever since Veronica Varlows very first Witch Camp over in the states, I have dreamed of attending something so magical. Witch summer camp - what could be better?

She would host rituals for self-love, teach attendees how to make flower crowns, read their tarot, take nature walks, and make gris-gris bags. Feed them on beautiful Vegan cuisine, even archery took place.

(Photos from Veronica Varlows Blog & Faerie Magazine)

As time went on, my dream expanded. I wanted to host my own Witch Camp...a retreat, here in little old Wales.
Long talks around the fire with one of my besties, about the future, and magic, just reinforced these dreams.
But financially now wasn't the time...Unable to move forward, with no money to complete my plans...they stopped. On hold.

And then one drunken evening, whilst talking about camping, lightning struck!
Combine the two and minimise my costs!
Do one night out in nature as a trial, see the successes, see the downsides, iron out the kinks.

And then...maybe one day...Witches Retreat could be opened to the public. Still intimate groups, but something people could sign up for. Pay to attend a four day retreat from reality, and work on their creative selves. Search and find the magic within themselves, and learn from other powerful, magical beings.

So, just like that it begins. Planned for the June Full Moon, with our location already booked, invites sent out, and the cogs already turning in my head, IT IS HAPPENING!

I'm currently working on goodie bags, daily schedules, and booklets for those attending.
Because I'm crazy enough to plan this for two months before my wedding. *eye roll*

Of course I will share photos and snippets of the retreat once it's been held, and if its something you'd love to do, let me know! I plan to re-do it in 2019 if it's a success.
Which it will be, obviously!

Friday, 20 April 2018


Bathing in the white springs of Glastonbury

Being a Scorpio, my element is WATER. But long before I investigated my star sign, I was drawn to all things water; the open ocean, lakes, rivers, swimming pools, baths, boats. Any excuse off come the clothes in the water I'd go.
Without water nothing can live.
Our bodies are 50 - 60 % water, we simply would not exist without it.
It holds power over both conception and death.

Water is a cleansing element, and linked to psychic intuition, the subconcious and the emotional. For this reason it is considered a feminine element. Water gives life, as does the woman.
Water also holds sway over our creative personality, because it is so intrinsically linked to our emotions. The birth of an idea.
Water evokes clarity, purity, and calmness.
It's natures way of allowing us to clean our mind, body and soul.
So, when you can't shake the icky sense of someones bad energy from your skin, go bathe in natural water.
When your crystal has been used for some intense magic, hold it in a river.
When your mind is full of toxic thoughts, have a relaxing bath, let the water drain away around you and take those thoughts with it.
That second hand athame that you need for magical guessed it water!

It is the element of constant movement, but not rapid and destructive movement; slow and steady.
This movement is powered by the moon as we all know, so those with a star sign linked to Water, may have an affinity with moon magic.

An easy way to show Water  on your altar is with either a small vial of water, or the presence of Shells, as the elements correspondence is to the West, they should be placed in the West position.
Blue and White are to representative colours of water.
The magical item of water on your altar is the cauldron or cup (Can't hold water without a womb or vessel.)

You can use water in magical working around;

  • Purification
  • Scrying
  • Love
  • Peace
  • Friendship
  • Dreams
  • Psychic Awareness
my secret stream I often escape to

Being a Scorpio with my moon sign in Aries, whose element is FIRE, means I can either balance these out amazingly or not at all. Crazy mood swings anyone?!
I see traits of both signs in me, but unlike some, I am more representative of my Scorpion side. Meaning my love of water makes sense. 

A really lovely thing is that my partner and I are both water signs.
He is a Pisces.
According to all the resources our combination is ultimate compatibility.
Soulmate stuff.
"The destiny of a Pisces is to bring people together, and when this energy meets Scorpio’s intensity and tenacity, there is no stronger bond."
The attraction of Scorpio to Pisces, becomes an addiction QUICKLY.
Being water signs, they are both highly sensitive and perceptive.

I never put a lot of energy into star signs until recently. Being born on the cusp, I spent most of my life believing myself to be a Libra star sign. It was only when I made a recent delve into an astrological book, that I realised how much more my personality fit with a Scorpio...and something that had previously made no sense to me, started to form shape and substance.
Then looking into my relationships with other star signs, seeing what could be predicted, and how accurate friendships and partnerships were portrayed to communicate and interact... well now I'm certainly a lot more believing. 
Even witches can be sceptical! 

Blessed Be!

Monday, 26 March 2018


Bloodstone used to be more commonly known as 'heliotrope' which translates from Greek meaning 'sun-turning' (due to a philosopher, Pliny using a mirror of Heliotrope to look at eclipses)
 Regardless of the name change this crystal has been known and used as a blood purifier, and for detoxifying the organs commonly residing near the sacral chakra; bladder, kidneys, intestines, and liver, for over 5000 years.
   In many cultures Heliotrope was dipped in cold water, and then placed on the body to aid circulation. Warriors often carried it as an amulet of protection, they believed that wearing it into battle would cure any wound they suffered. There is also documentation of Heliotrope being ground up and mixed with honey, and then ingested to cure tumours or stop excessive haemorrhaging. It is found to be a wonderful aid for those recovering from colds and illnesses.

 In terms of it's magical properties, Bloodstone can be worn to deter bullies, and protect against physical and verbal threats. It gives it's wearer a sense of self-confidence, often referred to as The Stone Of Courage.
 Due to it's connection to blood, this crystal is a very active and energised crystal. Energy that is easily transferred to it's wearer - boosting endurance and empowering the self and projects. (Also great for athletes.) It's element is fire which makes perfect sense, although a lot of sites state it's element is earth, which would also explain it's more grounding properties.
Bloodstone has a strong connection to weather magic. It was often used as an 'audible diviner', said to emit noise warning of storms and coming weather changes.

Most bloodstones have a dark green base, with flecks of red in them. This red is the cause of the common name we use. And it is these red flecks that provoke an air of fearlessness to those in its presence. It gives us a call to action and stimulates excitement.

 The red part of bloodstones are usually Red Jasper, and because of this, this crystal has strong powers in divination. Specifically divination revolving around the weather or dreams.
 Placed under ones pillow Bloodstone stimulates dreaming, as well as providing a more rejuvenated sleep.

Blessed Be,

Thursday, 8 March 2018


March 21st/22nd

A point of perfect balance on the journey through the wheel of the year.
The natural world is coming alive, thanks to the growing days, and warming sun.
Ostara's energy is expansive and exuberant, the first real day of Spring.

Ostaras name comes from the Germanic Goddess, Eostre or Ostara - a goddess traditionally honoured in April with festivals to celebrate the cycle of rebirth and fertility. (Fun Fact it's where the name for the female hormone oestrogen comes from.)

Ostaras symbols are all revolving around the idea of fertility; both the hare and the egg.
Flowers are used a lot on Ostara altars, and are wonderful to have throughout the house to mark this sabbat - daffodils, pussy willow, crocuses, primroses, violets to name a few.

Ostaras colours are; bright green, yellow, and purple.

This is the festival of new life.
It is also the Spring Equinox - a time of harmony, a time of balance between light and dark, day and night.
As we move into this time of new life, and beginnings, a wonderful way to bring things into being involved planting in your garden.

Find a type of flower or plant that really calls to you.
Buy a packet of seeds for this type of plant.

Getting a new pot, which you can paint sigils or runes on to aid your magic, fill it with soil.

On a piece of paper write down a wish.
A dream for yourself.
Something you want to manifest into your life with spring.

Using your bare hands, hold the paper after folding it, and dig deep into the soil you've just potted. Place your paper about a third of the way up from the base of the pot.
Cover it back up, before planting your seeds above it, as instructed by the packet.

Take some time in nature with your pot, and meditate on the thing you want to bring forth.
You could say something like; 
"Lord and Lady, with the turning of the wheel new beginnings come.
Sewn with the seed, I ask my wish be done.
As it grows, green and true;
May my dream grow too."

Water, love and tend to your growing seeds.
As your plant grows, it will manifest your desire into being. 

Tuesday, 27 February 2018

Out of the broom closet

Until I reached adulthood, I always took for granted how supportive my family was about my connection to the craft.
I knew how cool my mum was when my friends were being grounded for meditating with candles, whilst my mum and... actually, my whole family were buying me every book they could find on wicca, paganism and druidry!

But hearing stories from all walks of life about 'witches' who are scared to leave the broom closet, makes me realize how important that support was.
I was always allowed my phases.
We all go through them...
Some phases are just that...phases; but others are with us for a long, long time.
When my family realised that my 'witch phase' was no longer a phase, and an actual religious experience, they went out of their way to get me as educated on the subject as any 12 year old could be.
I had limits set in Ouiji boards for starters. (A rule I broke on numerous occasions, but hey.) And it took a lot of convincing the generations of my family that tarot was not evil, so I could get my first deck.
They collected herb and magic magazines for me.
Picked me flowers and herbs for 'potions'
Books galore.
A set of Runes.
Visits to Stonehenge.

Chi-gong balls.

I was drawing circles on my wooden bedroom floor with chalk. I was creating covens with friends (None of which were to stand the test of time), I was playing 'light as a feather, stiff as a board' in the middle of my year 7 class room. I was keeping a Book of Shadows. I was watching TOO many episodes of Charmed. I was living a magical life, and that was fine.
It was normal.
No secrets.
No hiding...
I didn't even know the metaphorical broom closet, was where a large handful of my fellow witches were residing, existed.

I wish I had true, helpful advice for anyone who is having to keep their journey on the path a secret. But I understand it is not always as simple as just being honest about it.
Speaking out is not always the best course of action.
Your family might NOT understand.
You might have tried to talk about it before, and been shut down.
Maybe you were bullied in the school yard.
I don't know your individual situations, but I can offer a few suggestions that might ease the transition.

1. Find like minded people.
In this age of technology, there are hundreds - thousands of outreaches into witchcraft! By joining private facebook groups you can openly discuss things like rituals and spellcasting online. You can find forums that are safe-havens for those of you with no support IRL.
You never know, you might find your own little family/coven online. Even with the support of my family, partner and friends...I still reached out to others who actually practiced the craft, and I fell in love with The Parlour, an online coven hosted by witchmama Veronica Varlow.

2. Educate yourself.

Learn as much as you can!
Learn the history, the traditions. Know your stuff! That way if you have to fight your corner, you can do so with accuracy and efficiency!

3. Start Small...

Test the waters.
Don't come out of the broom closet over dinner. Gently tip a question or comment into conversation and watch the reaction. Learn the limits your family might have...find a way to ease out the ultimate 'coming out' conversation.

4. Never Hide from yourself!

Even if you do have to keep a part of yourself under wraps, never lose your own way.
Be true to yourself!
Don't let anyone make you feel wrong, trust your own footing on the path, and don't feel judged by those around you.
You are who you are...and that is a beautiful person who will somehow find their time and place to flourish.


Friday, 26 January 2018


The sabbat of Imbolc falls on the 2nd of February, although like every pagan holiday it has a few days le-way either side.
 Imbolc also goes by the names Candlemas, and the Festival of Brigid.

It is a fire festival, the quickening of the year, the time when the earth is pregnant with the promise of summer fruitfulness and the harvest to come.
 The Goddess returns as the Maiden, and the God as a vigorous young man who is ready to begin his pursuit of the Maiden.
It is a time for us to let go of the old, and await the new that is coming.

Brigid (sometimes spelt Brighid, Bride, or Brigit) was also honoured and celebrated at this time. She was a much loved pagan Goddess. She is a triple Goddess but at Imbolc is depicted in her Maiden form, bringing fertility to the land and it's people - making her extra special to medicine women, and midwives of old. A Goddess of fire and the hearth, with special connection to healing and poetry.
    She is often celebrated at this time with the making of "a brigid cross' or 'a bridey doll' - you can find out how to make both or either of these things by following the following link, which has even more amazing Imbolc ideas.
Goddess and Greenman - Imbolc/Candlemas

I'm going to share with you one way in which I celebrate Imbolc. 

To do this you will need 3 candles, a needle, and a wooden log that you have hand picked for yourself.

Focusing on your candles first, meditate and find three words that you wish to embody in the coming year. Three wishes, if you will, personal things. Personality, mind, and soul words. They can be either internal or external, in which case you will draw those things to you. My words last year were; Courage, Creative, Loved.
Next take your needle and carve these words into your candles...inscribing them with your thoughts and intentions.

Lighting each candle in turn, let wax drip and pool onto your log, to create a standing base for your candle. Press the base of the candle into the hardening wax. Make sure it is stuck tight.

Below is an image of mine, so you can better imagine how yours may look, although there are no guidelines here, follow your gut. Place your completed log onto your altar or on the hearth to your fireplace; and in the evenings light the candles and take a second to focus on your chosen words. Manifest them into being.

Happy Imbolc!
                                                                        Merry Part.

Thoughts on The Hermit

The Hermit

A character not celebrated in todays modern society.
Someone who practices meditation, self reflection - the art of learning through solitude and silence. Think of your common idea of a thing above all else that you might think of, intelligence is one thing that stands out as an attribute. The Hermit has knowledge, a type of quiet wisdom one can only teach oneself. 
In the tarot The Hermit card represents the need to withdraw (why this illustration on the The Wild Unknown tarot is so poignant) with the promise that you will emerge back into the modern day world shining brighter. Bringing a newfound light to others, as they bask in your spiritual glow.

The Hermits secrets are not for everyone, only those willing to climb to the highest peak, or reach into the darkest cave.
All the answers you need are within.
The Hermit comes at a time when you begin to question what we are told is normality, when you begin to believe that there is more to the meaning of life than the mundane 9 to 5.

There is a hermit in all of us...some of us tap into his spirit regularly, others have yet to find him, hiding away, scribbling questions in the depth of your soul. He's that nagging voice you sometimes here that tells you to step back, to renegotiate the cards life has dealt you.